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Learning and revision

  • Repetition – go over topics several times
  • Chunking – learn by set work, concept, comparing set works.
  • Practice in the format that is required for the exam – looking at grading system (marks awarded)
  • Saying things out loud
  • Using visual prompts such as mind maps and colours
  • Teaching others – write own questions

GCSEPod  or  GCSE Bitesize

 Discussing strategies to reduce anxiety in the exams (see below)

General advice about revision includes:

  1. Don’t go to bed late. Getting a good night’s sleep will help you much more than trying to revise all night and you won’t be tired the next day.
  2. Take regular breaks from revising and do something you enjoy.
  3. Try to think positively – even if you don’t feel like it, a positive attitude will help you during your revision.
  4. If you feel nervous before a test, try eating a banana – it sounds strange, but bananas can help to calm you down and they release energy slowly (plus it will also help stop you being hungry during the test!).
  5. Take some water into the test with you, if you can. Keeping hydrated by drinking water will help you concentrate.
  6. Write down important facts on a piece of paper and ask someone to test if you can remember things (the more you test yourself, the easier it gets to remember things).
  7. Spread out your revision over time. This can help you remember what you’ve learnt, as your brain won’t be overloaded.
  8. Make a revision timetable. This is a good way to make yourself revise certain topics at certain times.
  9. Study in a room without a TV and try to turn off your phone and log out of social media sites so you don’t get distracted.
  10. Write something you want to remember on a post-it note and stick it on your bedroom door. This way you will see it every time you leave your room.
  11. Start a revision group with some friends on WhatsApp or Facebook. You might have different ways of learning that can help each other.
  12. Try to spend some time exercising or doing sports. This can give you energy and help you stay healthy and focused.

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