Year 5


Mr Deveson (HOY)
Miss McAndrew
Mr Best
Mr Murray

Curriculum Progression Objectives

Over the next term, we will be covering the following:

Literacy— To look at a selection of play scripts and understand the different features and their uses.
To start to think about using these features to create their own play script.
To identify the features of Biographies and understand their purpose within the Genre.

Numeracy—Read, choose, use and record standard metric units to estimate and measure length, weight and capacity to a suitable degree of accuracy .
To solve problems, including those involving decimals or fractions.

Science— Understand that sounds are made when objects or materials vibrate.

History-To investigate life during the Tudor times.
To explore questions to find out more information about Tudor times.

Art-Interpret the style of Holbien. Apply their experience of materials and processes to develop their control of tools and techniques.

DT-Recognise the movement of a mechanism within a toy or model.


Literacy and Maths homework will be given out on a Thursday. This is expected to be handed in the following Thursday.

Spellings will be given out on a Monday and children will be writing a spelling test the following Monday.

Reading record books should be filled in everyday and will be stamped on a Tuesday and Friday.

Practise times-tables, mental arithmetic problems and Mathletics every day.

Our Targets


· To be able to make comments on inferences (like best guesses) based on evidence from different points in the text.
· I can identify different features common to different texts or versions of the same text and make simple comments about them, e.g. characters, settings, presentational features.


· To use commas to identify clauses
· To make links in my writing to previous sections
· To use more advanced connectives such as: although, on the other hand, meanwhile.


· To know times tables up to 12X12.
· To recognise simple equivalence between fractions, decimals and percentages.
· To develop my own strategies for solving problems.
· To interpret various frequency diagrams including bar graphs, and pictograms.


A variety of sports, music and drama activities are available to year 5.



P.E— Friday afternoon

All children will need to bring in a change of clothing including footwear.

Earrings will need to be removed or covered during these sessions.

During the colder months, please ensure your child has warm layers which they can take off during the lesson.

Please remember to bring in a water bottle, which should be taken home at the end of each day.

Dates For the Term

Beginning of Summer Half term: 
Wednesday 23rd April

Half Term: 
Monday 26th May 2014 to Friday 30th May 2014

Assessment week: 
Week beginning 19th May 2014