Year 2


Miss Hynes (HOY)
Miss Hennenfort
Miss Mulderrig
Miss Clancy


Over the next half term we will be covering the following:

Literacy – Writing oceans and seas reports, recount of the story ‘Dolphin Boy’, ocean poems.
Numeracy – Counting, partitioning and calculating. Securing number facts and understanding shape. Handling data and measures.
Science – changing materials – for instance, looking at what happens when ice and chocolate melts, toast when it is toasted.
ICT – Sending and receiving information, filing, saving, printing. Importing images onto documents. Using a selection of websites and resources to answer research questions.
Art & DT – using collage and mixed media to create oceans and seas pictures.
PSHE – Good to be me.
R.E. – Christianity.
P.E. – Dance, gymnastics and games.
Geography – Food miles – how far has our food travelled?


Literacy and Numeracy homework will be handed out every Friday Children who return their homework on Monday will receive a Merit.

Spellings will be given on a Tuesday and tested the following week.

Please ensure you child continues to read regularly at home. The reading record booklet should be returned at least every Monday andFriday.

Our Targets

To read keywords by sight.
To explain what the main points of a story are.
To talk about the beginnings and endings of stories.

To write simple and complex sentences, always using capital letters and full stops correctly.
To choose WOW words to make writing interesting.
To use time connectives to start sentences e.g. after, soon, next, finally.

To count backwards in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s.
To know and use at least the 2, 5 and 10 times table.
To know the value of coins.


Thursday for classes 2M, 2L, 2C, 2H

All children will need to bring in a change of clothing including footwear

Please remember to bring in a water bottle, which should be taken home at the end of each day.

Dates For the Term

Parents evenings:
Thursday 27th March

End of term:
Friday 4th April – school closes for the Easter holidays