Miss Parker  (Teacher)
Parveen Rafiq  (Nursery Nurse)
Miss Delahunty  (Teacher)
Mrs Akhtar (Nursery Nurse)
Ms Powell  (Teaching Assistant)
Mrs Shala  (Teaching Assistant)

Curriculum Progression Objectives


  • Independent writing and fine control activities.
  • Focussed work on pencil control, name writing, fine skills.
  • Looking at listening to and talking about books and stories daily Working towards hearing and saying initial sounds.
  • Retell story using pictures
  • Retell story from memory
  • Describe characters – introduce words ‘author’ illustrator, characters, beginning and end
  • Closed sentence book: A …… big’ / bigger than me
                                       A…… little / smaller than me
  • Write favourite part of story
  • Bring in baby photos and objects to discuss physical changes
  • Write about growing cress
  • ‘Avocado Baby’  Jack and the Beanstalk


  • Daily counting activities, number songs
  • Discreet mathematical language for shapes, positions, matching, comparisons etc
  • Re-enforcing numbers and number conservation on going


  • Language of big/ little. Short/ tall,  large/ small
  • Display of objects to order and sort by size
  • Patterning of large and small
  • Ordering flowers by size
  • Things taller/ bigger / smaller than me
  • Compare children’s heights
  • Measure with non-standard measures including spans / feet

Communication and Language

  • Children talk to adults each day about /during activities
  • Language groups, discreet phonics and alliteration / Home Corner   / imaginative play
  • Nursery Phonic Knowledge skills: sound of the week:
  • Using different words for ‘small’ and ‘big’
  • Develop the skill to answer and ask questions

Expressive Arts and Design

  • Children sing songs, rhymes each day either as group or individually
  • Children have daily access to instruments and role play
  • Children have daily access to paints, paper, crayons, art materials etc
  • Frieze about story
  • Use large/ long/ small/ short pieces of paper
  • Use fat/thin paintbrushes/ chalks/crayons
  • Exploring instruments and their sounds and how they are played.
  • Making own instruments
  • Playdough snakes

Physical Development

  • Physical activities in playground-run, jump, balance, cycle, ball skills, etc..
  • ICT: fine motor skills – practise of computer skills using interactive programs on the computers
  • Using construction to make large small objects
  • Large and small body positions and shapes and ways to move (PE)
  • Cut out and stick clothes to correct sized person
  • Making pin wheels

Investigate and Explorative Challenge

  • Making a kite, (independent) and fly it
  • Making own pin wheels

Knowledge of the World

  • Free use of computers with counting and rhyming activities
  • Selection of non-fiction books
  • What do we need to grow? Food, care etc
  • Families- names of people in them
  • Naming body parts
  • Leaning about instruments, and how they are played
  • Grow cress seeds
  • Plant bean shoots in jars

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

The 6 ‘R’s
Respect and Responsibility
Caring and sharing
Develop need to care for people and plants to make them grow
Become aware of passing of time needed for something to grow and responsibility to continue caring

Outdoor Activities

  • Develop gross motor skills
  • Painting large/ small pictures
  • Adult shoes
  • Large feet – Giant footsteps
  • Use large and small cardboard boxes to build
  • Big writing, long freize