Religious Studies

 Religious Studies
Staff List

Ms M Whitworth (Head of Religious Studies)
Ms F Khatun

Ms S Lopez-Khan (Maternity Leave)
Ms T Subhani
Mr D O’Leary

Ms L Oonnelly

Religious Studies

The Religious Studies vision is to ensure that all students develop a desire to learn: For the students to take an interest in the world around them and to question what they see. We aim to develop their spiritual and moral awareness through interesting and relevant lessons.
KS3-Religious studies and year 8 Citizenship. Students learn about the 6 major world religions, Christianity, Islam, Sikhism, Hinduism and Judaism. We look at the Key founders of each religion and festivals. In Citizenship we explore global issues and learn to debate and enhance their research skills. We look at rights and responsibilities, Democracy and Justice, Diversity and community, crime and punishment, war child, and animal rights.

KS4- Students follow the Edexcel Full Course; Religion and Life unit 1; – here students look at reason for and against believing in God, Matters of life and Death, Marriage and the Family and Community Cohesion. Religion and Society Unit 2-Students look at Rights and Responsibility,

Environment and medical issues, Peace and conflict and crime and punishment. Students can achieve grades  A*-G for a full GCSE