Physical Education


Staff List

Mr M Neill (HoD)
Mr D McDonald
Ms J Scrivener
Ms R Farraway

Physical Education at Buxton is taught in classes set by practical ability in Year 7 and 8. In year 9, 10 and 11 groups are set by physical and cognitive ability. Physical Education is taught in a range of specialist facilities, and by a team of four well-qualified, dedicated and professional teachers. Pupils experience a wide range of activities throughout key stage 3 and 4, which the department believes provides all pupils with the opportunity to develop their practical skills in a variety of activities and well as improve their health and wellbeing.

The staff are friendly, supportive and forward thinking. Staff are provided with ample opportunities for professional development. The department meets on a regular basis in order to ensure that we can effectively share good practice and communicate the latest developments in Physical Education in order to stay at the forefront of teaching and learning.


  • 4 court badminton sports hall (including 5 trampolines, 2 cricket nets, handball goals and a national league size basketball court)
  • Dance studio
  • Access to Wanstead Flats Playing Fields
  • More facilities will be available as of September 2018 when the building work of the new school is complete

Key stage 3 Program Includes

Football, Rugby, Basketball, Handball, Outdoor Adventurous Activities, Netball, Badminton, Table Tennis, Trampolining, Dance, Athletics, Cricket and Rounders

Key stage 4 Core PE Program Includes

We Football, Rugby, Basketball, Handball, Netball, Trampolining, Health-Related Fitness, Cheerleading, Athletics, Rounders, Softball, Lacross, Amateur Boxing and Cricket

Key stage 4 Examination PE Program

The PE department currently offer two courses at Key Stage 4 for pupils who choose to further their studies in sport. Pupils select their options in year 8 and start their GCSE’s in year 9. The PE department uses the 1st term of year 9 to extensively assess the options pupils in both practical and theory lessons. At the end of the 1s term pupils will be split into a GCSE and OCR sport science award group based on how they have performed.


Pupils who are practically gifted and perform well in exams will follow a 3 year GCSE on the Edexcel GCSE PE (2016) program.

OCR Sport Science Award

Pupils who find the pressure of exams difficult and lack a high level of practical skills complete a 3 year OCR sport science award.

Extra-Curricular Sport

The PE department offer a range of sports clubs that pupils can attend before school, during lunch times and after school. The school enters teams into Waltham Forest leagues for Football, Basketball, Netball, Rounders, Cricket and Athletics as well as other one day competitions run and organised by the Waltham Forest Sports Federation including Trampolining, Table Tennis, Badminton and Handball. The PE department also run a variety of non-competitive clubs to encourage pupils to develop their personal level of fitness such as Boxing, Keep Fit, Dance and Cheerleading.

As part of the school house system the PE department run a variety of house competition through the school year providing pupils with the opportunity to test their skills against their peers in a friendly, but highly competitive environment.