ICT, Business and Computing Department

Interim Head of ICT and Business – Sharon McIntosh
Diana McKinson – (Responsibility KS4)
Latoya Williams – Teacher of ICT (Interim Deputy Head)
Antony Simbo – Teacher of ICT and Business Studies
Emanuel Osinowo – Teacher of ICT and Computing
Chukwuemeka Ekeowa – (Appointed ICT teacher joining the team in September 2016)

The ICT Department has 4 members of staff.  It is a highly successful department staffed withexperienced, motivated and enthusiastic teachers.  The department has forged strong links withoutside agencies and businesses.  These businesses are invited in to lead on delivering advancesoftware skills to gifted and talented pupils.
The department has a strong emphasis on pupil progress and innovative use of ICT to track andmonitor pupil progress.  Our current KS4 ICT pass rate is 100% A*-C.

Resources and Equipment

The department has 5 ICT suites with 30 networked computers in each.  All ICT suites have access to an interactive whiteboard, scanner, colour and black and white printers.   Each member of ICT staff has been allocated a PC laptop with a wide range of school software installed.

Each ICT suite has facilities to monitor and manage pupils’ access to the Internet during lessons. Class registers are done electronically and there is the facility in each room to do so.  In-classsupport is available from the ICT Support Team on request.   Pupils and staff have access to acentral resource for teaching and learning this will be transferred to the MLE platform in soon.

Extra Curricular Provision

Pupils have access to an ICT suite at lunchtimes offering a range of activities from homework togames club.   There are other sessions available for pupils who wish to extend their ICT expertiseand immersion sessions for pupils who need extra support. We also offer the Microsoft OfficeSpecialist training to staff.

The ICT Curriculum

The ICT curriculum is designed to give pupils the opportunity to develop 21st century skills. Pupils are expected to not only do well academically but to develop resilience and ownership for their learning.

The table below shows the allocation of 50 minute periods at Key Stage 3 & 4 over a two week timetable.

Year 7  Year 8  Year 9  Year 10 Year 11
3 3 6 6 7


Key Stage 3

An ICT Core Skills programme is delivered to all pupils in years 7 and 8.  The current programme of study is shown below but is subject to change in line with national development:

YEAR 7 YEAR 8 – ICT 4 Life
Using ICT to present
information(MS Word/Graphics)
Unit 1 – A video guide to working collaboratively(Video editing)
Sequencing/Programming(Scratch) Unit 2 – Create an e-time capsule(Web design)
Using Data and Information
Sources including Internet
Safety and Cyberbullying
(Research skills)
Unit 3 – Help fight global
Presenting Information(DTP/Multimedia) Unit 4 – Create an e-card
system for your school(Database)
Intro to Modelling and
Presenting Numeric Data(MS Excel)
Unit 5 – Assessment
Data Handling(MS Access)  

Key  Stage 4 Information.

ICT is compulsory and pupils follow the Cambridge National programme of study from year 9. We cover the following units:

Unit Code Title Software used
R001 Understanding computer systems  
R002 Using ICT to create business
Word processing, Email, database,
graphics, desk top publishing,
spreadsheets, web browser
R003 Handling data using spreadsheets Spreadsheet
R005 Creating an interactive product
using multimedia components
App creation, Game authoringWeb Design
R006 Creating a digital image Graphics
R007 Creating dynamic products using
sound and vision
Sound, animation, video editing
R008 Introduction to computer
R009 Exploring computer hardware
and software

This course involves using a range of software some are listed below:

MS Word Ms Excel
MS Access MS PowerPoint
MS Publisher Adobe Fireworks
Adobe Photoshop Digital sound (Audacity)
Internet Browser E-mail
Adobe Dreamweaver Adobe Flash
Adobe Illustrator Adobe Indesign or MS Publisher (DTP)
Moviemaker Freemind
Java Scratch
Serif DrawPlus Serif WebPlus
Vegas Movie Studio Adobe Audition

We will also be offering OCR Computer Studies as an option in year 9.