Leadership Team

Buxton School is led by the Executive Headteacher, Mrs Kathleen Wheeler. Mrs Kathleen Wheeler is supported by a Leadership Team comprising of;
A large team of middle leaders have responsibility for the academic and pastoral welfare of our pupils. The Academic curriculum is organised into faculties and subjects as shown below.

  • Mrs Kath Wheeler

    Executive Headteacher

  • Mrs Jackie Bowers-Broadbent

    Head of School, Primary

  • Ms Theresa McGing

    Deputy Head

  • Mr Nick Taylor

    Assistant Headteacher

  • Ms Salma Patel

    Assistant Headteacher

  • Ms Caroline Monahan

    Assistant Headteacher

  • Ms Marselle Albertse

    Assistant Headteacher

  • Ms Latoya Williams

    Deputy Head

  • Ms Alison Money

    Business Director

  • Ms Carol Moloney

    Community and Extended Schools Leader

  • Head of Mathematics

    Ms M Nursoo

  • Head of English

    Ms A. Linehan

  • Head of Science

    Ms R Qayyum

  • Head of History

    Ms S Lopez-Khan

  • Head of RE

    Ms C Warwick-Ittu

  • Head of Geography

    Ms P Chartery

  • Head of ICT

    Ms D McIntosh

  • Head of Business Studies

    Ms S McIntosh

  • Head of Art

    Ms S Sanger

  • Head of Music

    Ms G Stevens

  • Head of Design & Technology

    Ms A Buemio

  • Head of Modern Languages

    Mr J Philips

  • Head of EAL

    Ms A Glover

  • Secondary SENCO

    Ms N Zecca

  • Primary SENCO

    Mr P Smith

  • Head of PE

    Mr M Neill

Primary Subjects

  • Head of Mathematics

    Mr T Dennis
  • Head of Physical Education

    Mr M Deveson
  • Head Of PSHE

    Ms V Clarke
  • Head of Art & Drama

    Ms R Boyce/ R Joubert
  • Head of Music

    Ms G Ashe
  • Head of Humanities

    Ms Shona Douthwaite
  • Head of Religious Education

    Ms S Baptiste
  • Head of Reading

    Ms K Richardson
  • Head of Writing

    Ms J Parry
  • Head of Science

    Ms Rachel Hughes
  • Head of Computing

    Mr C Murray

Year Leaders

  • Ms J Etienne

    Ms N Merhban

    Ms S Green

    Ms N Noori

    Ms S Miller

  • Reception

    Head of Year - Ms Y Lanappe
  • Year 1

    Head of Year - Ms J Parry
  • Year 2

    Head of Year - Ms R Hughes
  • Year 3

    Head of Year - Ms G Ashe
  • Year 4

    Head of Year - Mr R Joubert
  • Year 5

    Head of Year - Ms R McGuiness
  • Year 6

    Head of Year - Mr T Dennisa

Phases Leaders

  • Ms L O'Sulliva