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Message from the Chair of Governors

I am proud to be Chair of the Governing Body of Buxton School and a member of the Buxton School Learning Community Foundation Trust.

The Governing Body’s role is to provide strategic direction for the school, supporting and challenging the Head Teacher and the leadership team. We aim to make the school a centre for excellence in the local community, to ensure that every pupil achieves the best that they can and that the school reaches out into the community. We also have an important role in setting the budget and monitoring the school’s finances, and responsibilities as an employer for the performance and welfare of our staff.

We work through committees which enable us to get into detail in important areas, such as the data on pupil achievement, staffing structures, and action on inclusion and behaviour.  Our Link Governors spend time with subject leaders and in the classroom, so that we can see for ourselves what is being achieved. We aim to be visible, in the school and the community, and to act as advocates for the school.

We are proud of the outstanding work in many areas of the school. Rapid improvements in other areas reflect the hard work and commitment to professional development of all our staff.   Visitors to the school often comment positively on the consistently good behaviour of the pupils and the supportive atmosphere throughout the school.

The Governing Body reflects the strengths and diversity of the school and community we serve, and the support provided by our Trust partners.

Sean Gascoine – Chair of Governors.

Alison Money is clerk to the Governing Body, and you can get in touch with us through her.

Name Governor
Term of
Office Expiry
Mr. T. Williams Trust Performance, Resources 31.08.20
Ms. W. Levingbird Trust & Vice Chair Resources (Chair), Inclusion & Diversity (Chair)  10.05.21
Mr. J. Humm Local Authority Inclusion & Diversity 08.03.22
Ms. N. Arshad Parent Resources & Performance  27.06.22
Ms. E. Sandoui Parent Performance  27.06.22
Ms. I Anikweze Parent  22.06.21
Mr. M. Dixon Co-opted Resources  07.03.22
Ms. E. Humm Co-opted  Performance  09.05.22
Ms. A. Ross Co-opted Resources, Inclusion & Diversity  09.05.22
Mr. S. Gascoine Co-opted & Chair of Governors Inclusion & Diversity, Performance (Chair)  01.07.22
Ms. K Wheeler Staff & Head Teacher Resources, Inclusion & Diversity, Performance  N/A
Ms. L Jackson

Ms. B. Bell








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